Get on track with your sales goals

With us, Sales Teams understand the importance of their performance and how that is aligned with closing deals and receiving their commissions.

Our Promise


No matter how complicated your commission structure, we can set-up a compact & flexible commission system for you


Every member of the Sales Team can see the deals they’re assigned to and how that’ll affect their commissions payout


SaleBenefits helps you automate your sales compensation calculation by linking with your CRM

Real time

With transparency also comes goal-visioning. Teams can see how close they’re to their quota attainment after a sale - immediately

For Managers

Monitor Team Performance

We help you monitor your team's performance and on target earnings. Estimate who will need help closing their quota

For Representatives

Quota Attainment

SalesBenefits helps you understand your projected earning based on the quota attained so far. It also helps you project commission payouts

  • Real time updates
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Pro Active Reminders
For Managers

Plan your quota better

SalesBenefits helps you plan your quota based on previous performance and territories

  • Real time updates
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Pro Active Reminders
For Representatives

Understand on target earnings

SalesBenefits gives you transparency on your earnings based on how close you are to hitting your quota

  • Real time updates
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Pro Active Reminders
For Managers

Run Sales Contests

SalesBenefits helps you run sales contests and incentive campaigns. Plan your sales contests before launching them to your team

For Representatives

Win Sales Contests

SalesBenefits helps you understand the sales contest performance. Monitor your performance in real time

A Seamless Compensation

We give structure to your Sales Teams, by linking our Sales and Compensation tracking software to your CRM . Go live with your new commission software in a matter of days.

Start Structuring

Integrate your CRM

In a simple 2 step process you can set-up integration and work with your live data on the Sales Benefits software.

Create Compensation Plans

With our flexible yet compact editing software, you can create and manage compensation plans for aspects of your Sales Team.

Have Commissions Reflected Immediately

Our software syncs up with your CRM regularly and consistently updates it. Team members can login to check their progress and breakdown of their commissions.

In the Know

We’re always in the pursuit of creating new aspects to our software - a lot of which may be interesting to you, so hit us up! :)

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